Most of you out there in the Commercial Aquatics Industry are probably familiar with the term, “hair and lint strainers.” They’re the sort of basket strainer one uses for one’s swimming pool to clean out all the excess crud that otherwise would impact pump performance and filter loading (along with other functions and regulatory concerns). What you may not have noticed is the extensive Industrial Marketplace where similar basket strainers are used for corrosive fluid systems. Fluidtrol utilizes our decades of experience in both markets to produce the highest quality hair and lint strainer and components on either market.

As you might already expect, most such strainer components are made to last a certain amount of time, and then need replacement. The reasoning behind this is fairly straightforward: manufacturers realize that since your swimming pool is an ongoing investment, and that since hair and lint strainers aren’t (for the most part) out-of-the-way unaffordable, that you’ll be willing to spend the money necessary to replace a strainer part once its “time has come.” It’s a time-honored tradition of nickel and diming a paying customer.

But that’s never been the case here at Fluidtrol. We manufacture our components – items such as strainer baskets and lid attachment hardware – to last. Since stainless steel has the ability to withstand corrosion in aquatic systems, and oftentimes for life, it requires no great leap of logic to see that investing in a quality strainer basket (which is – by far – the costliest part of the average-sized aquatic strainer replacement part) is a sound investment.

In fact, with one of Fluidtrol’s stainless baskets at work inside your aquatic strainer, you’ll be getting the same kind of product quality control that many industrial plants get from us. Granted, your strainer basket may be smaller scale than an industrial strainer, but the engineering, durability and corrosion resistant properties remain the same. Simply put, these baskets withstand whatever force you deem necessary to get them clean.

Another obvious sign of Fluidtrol quality is the engineered stainless T-Handle/I-Bolt Assembly used to secure the transparent acrylic cover. What other aquatic strainer company offers such a quality component designed exclusively to last the lifetime of the strainer? There is no other company. This is another feature of Fluidtrol’s hair and lint strainer that is a direct benefit from our extensive experience in industrial plants where simple plastic knobs just don’t cut it.

How’s that for stretching your dollar? We’re able to build swimming pool and industrial strainers to last long term. It’s just makes good business sense to give you a longlasting return on invesment. You won't have to worry about replacing another broken basket or plastic knob next spring.