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F.P.T. Wye Type Non-Metallic Series (y strainers)

wye or Y strainer assembly

(YS) Strainers

Wye Type (YS Series) strainers are available in sizes 2 " and up. The design of the YS/Wye Type Series allows for in-line piping in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation. The YS series is available in wetted parts of PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF. In addition, an all-FRP unit is available. All wye units feature a cleanout valve. This eliminates the need for removing the basket when performing routine cleaning. Used as a pipeline strainer frequently.
For some pipeline strainer applications the larger capacity of our basket strainers may make more sense.

Fluidtrol Process Technologies, Inc. manufactures Wye (y) Strainers to standards that exceed industry standards. These strainers are made for critical applications where high flow rates and high loading potential exists, while low pressure drops are desired. We see these products used as pipeline strainers as well as pump strainers.

Materials of Construction include:

This lamination construction combines the chemical resistance of the particular liner material (thermoplastic) and the structural strength of fiberglass. Wye Strainers are also offered in all-FRP construction. Resins can be used for high temperature and abrasive applications

  • EPDM lid gasket is standard, but Viton and Teflon are also options.
  • Flanged lid with stainless bolts, nuts and washers are standard. T-Handle Design for easy lid removal is an option.
  • Baskets are 1/4” perforated- made from same material as the strainer (FRP Wyes have PVDF Baskets). Other perfs/materials are available.
  • Pipe connections are Flanges. Threaded, socket, groove latch and True Union couplings are also available.
  • Flanged or threaded blowdown ports are provided.
  • Custom dimensions and designs are readily available.
WYE Strainer Dimensions Performance Criteria
Flange Size A H L Basket Surface Area (in2) Ratio Basket Surface : Pipe Flow Rate = 1 psid (Clean Basket)
2" 23 12 15.625 72.2 23 140 GPM
3" 28 18 21.375 72.2 102 140 GPM
4" 32 18 23 207.2 16.5 400 GPM
6" 39 20.875 28.25 384.3 13.6 790 GPM
8" 48 26 33.125 594.6 11.8 1150 GPM
10" 50 29.875 35 826.6 10.5 1600 GPM
12" 56 32.875 41.875 1130.4 10 2230 GPM
14" 60 41 45.25 1519.8 9.9 3000 GPM

Wye Strainer Drawing
Download Wye Information with Table

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Pressure Drop

As with all Fluidtrol strainers, the Wye is engineered to offer the lowest practical pressure drop. Pressure drop through the strainers is determined by several factors. These are line size, flow rate, specific gravity, viscosity and percent of open area of the basket. To minimize the pressure drop, the basket open area is at least 4 times the cross sectional area of the inlet pipe. (Through clean baskets only).



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