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Main Drains

Fluidtrol Main Drains For Aquatic Systems

Fluidtrol Offers three materials of construction of the aquatic main drain..

PVC, FRP and 304 Stainless.



Included in the prices standard packaging: Hydro-static relief valves, slotted pipe connectors, and flanged or slotted outlets.


Dimensions PVC FRP  Stainless
Width Length Box Height Part Number Part Number Part Number
12 in 12 in 12 in MD-1-121212 MD-8-121212 MD-6-121212
12 in 12 in 18 in MD-1-121218 MD-8-121218 MD-6-121218
18 in 18 in 18 in MD-1-181818 MD-8-181818 MD-6-181818
18 in 24 in 18 in MD-1-182418 MD-8-182418 MD-6-182418
24 in 24 in 18 in MD-1-242418 MD-8-242418 MD-6-242418
24 in 24 in 24 in MD-1-242424 MD-8-242424 MD-6-242424
  1. General Dimension Restrictions (flange OD clearance). not based on flow recommendations.
  2. Based on 50% open area. If your particular codes/application requires different - Contact a Fluidtrol
  3. Dealer Calculations performed using 50% open area grate spacing. When 40% and other open area specifications are met - velocities are changed.

commercial main drain diagram

"Fluidtrol manufactures main drain sumps to comply with Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and SPA safety act. Elevation and outlet orientation being the primary concern for the sumps. Also we can customize these for usage with approved covers."


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