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Industrial Strainer

FPT offers an extensive line of industrial basket strainers and filters, standard and custom.

General Serbvice Industrial Strainers

Industrial basket strainers

See Our Standard Line of Corrosion Resistant Strainers
SW Strainers
SWM Strainers
ESW Strainers

FPT Strainers can easily be custom built to accommodate individual systems, whether inline with flow or as a pump strainer. To find out more information about FPT's Industrial Strainers, click on the links to the left, above or Contact Fluidtrol.

Maximum Pressure (psi) vs Temperature for Various Construction Materials
Material of Construction Temperature °F
32° 73° 100° 140° 180° 200° 260° 300°
PVC/FRP 150 150 150 125 100 N/R N/R N/R N/R
CPVC/FRP 150 150 150 150 150 150 100 N/R N/R
PP/FRP 150 150 150 150 150 150 100 N/R N/R
PVDF/FRP 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 N/R

Industrial Series Strainer Part Number Code / Options

Part Number and options for Industrial Strainers download this chart

Housing Options

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