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FPT General Service (GS) Strainers -- sizes 3" to 24"

Genral service strainers
Materials of construction

F.P.T. utilizes a composite laminate construction for strainer bodies to provide structural strength. Chemical resistance is maintained by providing wetted surfaces of PVC Type 1, CPVC, Polypropylene or PVDF. All strainers are rated for 150 PSI at 73 deg. F. Higher operating temperatures are allowable based upon the material selection. Strainers can be installed inline to pipes or as a pump filter strainer.

PVC/FRP GS Strainer Specifications
CPVC/FRP GS Strainer Specifications
PVDF/FRP GS Strainer Specifications
PP/FRP GS Strainer Specifications

Corrosion Resistant Basket Strainers

Fluidtrol (FPT) custom fabricates basket strainers for your application, from a variety of corrosion resistant materials and has a very complete line of standard strainers. In addition to Industrial Applications and Chemical Resistant Applications, Fluidtrol's strainers are supplied to critical applications in some of America's top water attractions, large aquariums, commercial pools & water parks.

Fluidtrol offers a complete line of standard models and custom built strainers, float valves, surge tanks, filters, and drains to suit your needs.

Baskets are manufactured in heavy gauge PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene or exotic metals such as stainless 316 or 304, Hastelloy C or B and Titanium. Wire cloth and woven baskets are also available. Standard perforations are:

  • 1/8" holes on 9/16" staggered centers
  • 1/4" holes on 3/8" staggered centers
  • Woven screening from 10 Mesh to 200 Mesh

DesignPolo Pro Strainer


Ends -- All inlets and outlets are constructed of the same material as the wetted areas. F.P.T. offers as standard flanged ends with 150 lb. ANSI drilling. Also available are Victaullic(tm) grooved, socket or threaded ends.

Tops -- F.P.T. Strainers are supplied with Quick-Lock tops and EDPM seals in the General Standards Series. For severe service, flanged tops are standard. Teflon envelope gaskets are also available for severe service.

Port Configurations -- As standard, F.P.T. offers an "In-Line" design. For special applications, "Off-Set," and "Angled Off-Set," and "Boot" configurations are available. All units are equipped with a side bottom drain as standard. For other configurations, please CONTACT FLUIDTROL.

Pressure Drop -- F.P.T. Strainers are engineered to offer the lowest practical pressure drop. Utilizing full flow ports, the basket open area averages six times the cross sectional area of the pipe. Pressure drop through strainers is determined by the line size flow rate, specific gravity and the percent of open area in the basket. Individual pressure drop vs. fouling charts are available from the factory.

Just a line

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  • Gauges for visual reading
  • Pressure switch with audible and visual alarm
  • Pressure switch with contact closure to operate valves, pumps, etc.

Duplex Strainer

Duplex Industrial Chemical Resistant Strainer


Click here for duplex dimensions


Click here for simplex dimensions

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