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Chemical Resistant Fiberglass Strainer

F.P.T. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Strainers

FRP Basket Strainer (P-Series)

P-Series is a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Strainer system manufactured with premium grades of vinylester resin: Derakane 411 or Hetron 922. Fluidtrol Strainers feature a five part construction.
These strainers are chemically tolerant of many industrial and process chemicals, including hydrochloric acid.The list is too long to include on this page. If you wish to see if your chemicals are safe to use with our chemically resistant strainers see the "Ashland Chemical Resistance PDF " below.

See Ashland Chemical Resistance Guide

Materials of Construction

  • Two Chemical Barriers: Nominal thickness 10 mils of Nexus veil, resin to 10% reinforcement. (Layers 1 & 4)
  • Anti-wicking barrier: 100 mil of chopped strand glass, 75% resin to 25% reinforcement. (Layer 2)
  • Structural Layer: Filament wound continuous roving, wind angle 55 deg: 30% resin to 70% reinforcement. (Layer 3)
  • Exterior Protection: Polyester resin gel coating. 10 mil thickness. (Layer 5)

This construction offers the finest in chemical and impact resistance. An abrasion resistant construction is available. Specify A-Series, also Fluidtrol H-Series is available for higher temperature applications.

Duplex Strainers

FPT offers two styles of duplex basket strainers, horizontal in-line and vertical off-set. For details, see our Industrial Strainer page. F.P.T. also offers a manifold WYE strainer system.

Design Features

  • All inlets and outlets are of flanged construction as standard.
  • Fluidtrol FRP strainers are supplied with flanged tops and Teflon envelope style gasket. Other covers are optional.
  • Typical applications are for corrosive chemicals inline pipe or as pump strainers.

Port configurations: As standard all basket strainers are of in-line design. For special applications off-set, angled off-set and boot configurations are available.

PRESSURE DROP: FPT basket strainers are engineered to provide the lowest practical pressure loss. Basket open area minimum 4 times the cross sectional area of the pipe.

Pressure Taps are available:


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