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Basket Strainers

Fluidtrol basket strainers are corrosion resistant. They are typically used to eliminate debris from fluid lines and piping just before a pump, or in a pipeline to protect instrumentation. They are also known as pump strainers, pipeline strainers and or 'hair and lint' strainers. FTP's 'basket strainers' are designed for commercial pool use, large fountains, water parks, zoos, etc, fresh water and saltwater. We also supply basket strainers for industrial and chemical applications. Because our strainers are made from materials that are corrsion resistant they stand up to challenging fluids.

Materials     PVC - PVDF - CPVC - Poly - Stainless - Fiberglass - Halar Glass/Ceramic Composite

Pipeline Strainers - Pump Strainers

SW Basket Strainers
Full Line Of Seawater basket strainers
PVC/FRP or Stainless Steel
Part of Our line Of Aquatic Strainers
Also Chemical & Industrial
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ESW Strainers
Stainless Steel inline
PVC/FRP or Stainless Steel
Also part of the Aquatic Series
And good for Chemical & Industrial
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Glass-Ceramic Matrix CompositeLarge Class-Ceramic Matrix Composite
Extremely hard surface -corrosion & abrasion resistant - an excellent choice as a seawater strainer, scrubber and many other corrosive fluid systems
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Fiberglass Strainers Fiberglass Strainers
for Corrosive Chemical
And Larger Seawater Applications
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General Service Ind. Strainer
Shown, a 6 inch general service strainer suitable for industrial or other service
Industrial, Chemical or Aquatic
(water - seawater) service

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Wye Type (YS Series) strainerswye strainer availableNon-Metallic Wye Strainers are available in sizes 2 inches and up in many materials
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Duplex Strainers Duplex Strainer- customized for application Duplex Strainers are used in Aquatic, Industrial & Chemical
Applications. PCV/FRP
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Custom Built Strainers
Fluidtrol can customize any of our standard basket strainers
or we can fabricate a specialized strainer for your specific application as below.

Shown below & to the right - Integral cast strainers for large mining operation. Utilizes high performance glass-ceramic matrix composite.
100 PSI rating- 24" inlet/outlet flanged.

Custom Large Composite Basket Strainer

Here at Fluidtrol we fabricate our strainers out of corrosion resistant materials, such as PVC, fiberglass or stainless steel. Our products will not rust and can withstand the oxidation and corrosion inherent in many fluids, like water, saltwater and chemicals.

Baskets: The standard strainer basket is laser cut from 12 gauge 304 stainless steel. Perforations are1/8 inch with 3/16 inch Stainless Steel Basketsstaggered centers. Our heavy duty SS baskets are long lasting and corrosion resistant.


Ends -- Strainer inlets and outlets are fabricated with the same material as the internal wetted areas. Standard Flanges include 150 lb. ANSI drilling. Alternatively F.P.T. can construct with Victaullic™ grooved, socket or threaded ends.

Tops -- Fluidtrol. Strainers are constructed with Quick-Locking tops with EDPM seals in the GS Series. For more severe service, flanged tops are supplied, standard. Teflon envelope gaskets are also available for severe service.

Port Configurations -- F.P.T. offers an "In-Line" design as a standard. For other applications, "Off-Set," and "Angled Off-Set," and "Boot" configurations are available. All units are equipped with a side bottom drain as standard.

Pressure Drop -- F.P.T. Strainers are designed to offer the lowest practical pressure drop. Using full flow ports, the open basket area typically is six times the cross sectional area of the pipe.

Please contact us with your application.

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